Frequently Asked Questions


How does the Fixt program Work?

Fixt will offer service requests to an active technician within a customer’s service area. If you are available to take the repair request at the time and date provided, you may accept the request. Technicians have the option to accept the job for the offered payout, which is based on the product issue, labor rate, and parts costs.

You will then meet the customer at the time and date requested, provide exceptional customer service, and log everything into the Fixt Technician App.

How do I receive payouts?

Fixt pays technicians directly, via direct deposit, 5 business days after the repair is completed and all submission requirements have been met.

While using the Fixt Technician App, technicians will be required to set up a Stripe Express account with payment details for direct deposits.

If a technician works for an entity that works directly with Fixt, the technician’s company will pay them directly.

What if I find additional damage to the customer’s device?

If you discover that there are more issues than reported or if the device is beyond economical repair (ex. water damage, frame damage, motherboard level repairs, or software issues), please immediately contact the Fixt Support Team for next steps.

Can I let someone else on my team perform the repair?

Subcontracting a Fixt service request to a third-party technician or a technician that has not registered and onboarded to the Fixt platform is strictly prohibited and subject to immediate deactivation from the Fixt platform. Only the technician or service company who was onboarded onto the Fixt platform can complete an assigned service request.

Does joining Fixt cost anything?

No, there is no cost to become a member of our nationwide network of technicians*.

*Some technicians may be subject to background check costs. These technicians are made aware of charges before proceeding.

Can the customers come to me or my shop?

We provide an on-site, on-demand service. If you join our team, you agree to service the customer at their location and at the time they have requested. However, in some exceptional cases, shop repairs will be permitted.

I have my own shop or work for another repair service. Can I still work with Fixt?

Absolutely! Many of our technicians work with other repair services or even own their own shops. With our Fixt Technician App, you can accept or reject the service requests that fit your availability.

How much can I earn while working for Fixt?

Volume varies per market and earnings are dependent on customer demand. The amount you will be paid for a request is displayed on the Fixt Technician App before you accept the request. We pay competitive rates, which include the cost of parts and labor. If you work for an entity that is in partnership with Fixt, your company will pay you directly.

I am a shop owner with multiple techs that I want to sign up.

Great! We have developed a platform that enables you to enroll your technicians in a variety of ways depending on your business structure. As the business owner, you can choose to have the dispatches go through you, where you can assign them to a technician. You can also choose to hide the payouts if you prefer to pay out your techs directly. If you are interested in joining our program, email us at Fixt.Support@Assurant.com.

Can I represent my own company while doing repairs?

When attending to a service request on the Fixt platform, you are a representative of our company, so it is best to not discuss other affiliations, added sales, or engage in any self-promotion.

Can I upsell the customer after the repair?

You may NOT upsell the customer in any form or fashion. We do not supply our customers with screen protectors, cases, chargers, or any other accessories.

Can I change the repair time with the customer?

Before you accept any request on the mobile app, you can see the date and time of each repair. To remain consistent with the customer experience we DO NOT reschedule the customer.

If you are unable to make the repair at the date and time scheduled, you can either reject it or contact the Support Team.

What do those ratings in my profile mean?

Rework Rate – It is the percentage rate of repairs that needed to be reworked. If your rework rate goes above 7% or you do not attend to a rework request in a timely manner, your profile may be deactivated.

On-Time Rate - It is the percentage rate of on-time arrivals to customer locations. If the on-time rate falls below 50%, your profile may be deactivated.

Cancellation Rate - It is the percentage rate of total service requests you canceled. If your cancellation rate goes above 7% your profile may be deactivated.

Professionalism - We request and expect professionalism from all parties during repairs and with communication. If there is a lack of professionalism with our customers and/or Support Team, your profile may be deactivated.

What types of repairs are expected?

We will mainly be providing screen and battery repairs.

We do not cover repairs involving:

  • Water damage
  • Frame damage
  • Motherboard/logic board repairs
  • Software issues
  • Devices that are beyond economical repair (subject to the Express Tech Support Team Approval)
  • Third-party repairs