Download the Tech App

Follow the instructions below to get started

Visit on your Android or iOS device to download the app!

  1. Setup your Okta username and password using the email received during onboarding and the instructions found here:

  2. Use one of these buttons to download the app:

    Download for Android Download for iOS
  3. Press the "Ok" button to continue the download

    Press the "Install" button

  4. After the download is complete, press the "Open" button

    Return to the home screen and open up the Settings app

  5. Press the "Settings" button and then in the "Security" menu press the checkbox next to "Unknown sources"

    In the Settings menu, tap "General"

  6. On the following pop-up, make sure "Allow this installation only" is checked and then press "Ok"

    Scroll down and tap on "VPN & Device Management"

  7. Return to the "Security" menu under "Settings" and make sure the "Unknown Sources" option is unselected to prevent future unauthorized downloads

    Tap "Assurant, Inc." and then tap "Trust Assurant, Inc"

  8. Press "Next" and then "Install"

    Tap the "Trust" button

  9. You're all set! Open the Fixt Partner app and start accepting repairs!